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To the officers and people of the PRC in America

Greetings to you, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, from the Chairman, committee, and membership of the British Reformed Fellowship, on the occasion of your 75th anniversary as a denomination. To the One God in the Blessed Trinity of His Sacred Persons be all the glory.

Dear friends in the gospel, remembering your self-sacrificing labours of love for Christ especially amongst us of the British Isles, it seems most appropriate to us that we should return to you our heartfelt thanks for all the encouragement, effort, and help you have so willingly sent to our aid in these islands for many years now.

We rejoice to tell you that the seed you have sown so patiently over these years bears fruit unto the Lord. We thank God for your stand made so valiantly in 1924 and continued ever since.

We rejoice with you on this happy occasion, and pray that God will enable you to continue holding fast to the Reformed, biblical truths that Herman Hoeksema and his colleagues upheld at such personal cost, for all the years that are yet to come, till Christ Jesus comes on that Great Day to take us all to Himself.

The grace of our Sovereign God and Saviour be with you, and bless you abundantly,

Yours in our Redeemer’s service,

Brian Harris,

Chairman, BRF, June 2000