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Praise God for the excellent article in “All Around Us” (Rev. M. DeVries) of the July 2008 issue of the SB.

Rev. DeVries makes a perfect statement of truth when he says, “make no mistake, the doctrine of Scripture lies at the very heart of the faith of the church of Jesus Christ…. All our faith stands or falls with the answer to the question: Is Scripture the infallibly inspired and therefore authoritive Word of God?”

Ever since the Reformation, and again in the 1880s and today, this has been exactly what has turned the church to Satan’s “Yea, hath God said?” liberalism and lies to deny Scripture and make up gods after their own imagination.

The “proper reverence” for God’s Word is nearly dead. Except for the PRC of course, and other faithful denominations. The old Authorized Version is still the best translation available in our age of “comic-book Christianity”!

One way even good churches foster this lie is with the “Children’s Church” nonsense. The idea that children can’t learn the truth from the KJV or by listening to the faithful preaching of that Word—the very thing that will “make (them) wise unto salvation”! God’s continued blessing upon you all in the PRC. Remain faithful. Know that you are appreciated and that you are still a “light on a hill.”

Al Salmon,

Moorestown, NJ