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The Host Committee of the Young People’s Society of the Oak Lawn Protestant Reformed Church: Neal Ipema, Rev. C. Hanko, Jacob Regnerus, Louise Wierenga, Wilhelmina Rutgers, Margaret Regnerus, Henrietta Kort, George Regnerus, Sue Regnerus.

Truly hearty congratulations are in order, to compliment the Host Committee and the Society of Oak Lawn, whom they represent, for the splendid work which they did to make the Third Annual Convention a great success. Under the careful guidance of their Pastor they displayed a spirit and zeal which we all may emulate with pride. Although small in numbers, the enthusiasm which they aroused among our Churches in general, is a tribute to the splendid character of their Society. They left no stone unturned to make the Third Annual Convention one that shall long be remembered as a thrilling experience. This is true not only because we were entertained, but more so because we were spiritually edified through the development of the theme which they chose.

A word of thanks is also in order to the Society of South Holland and for their cooperation, which was a contributing factor to the success of our meeting. We believe that a timely lesson may be learned, not only by all of our Societies, but also by our Churches as congregations and as individuals, from the spirit of fellowship they displayed in arranging for the Convention. Our working with the unity of purpose towards a common goal, and with a spirit of love for the cause of Christ, will consummate in a successful venture with the Lord’s blessing.