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Our readers will recall that in the recent past there was a flurry of questions about the subject of paedo-communion. Besides, this has become an issue in more than one Reformed denomination recently.

Dr. Leonard J. Coppes, an Orthodox Presbyterian Minister (some of you may know him through his book, Ten Points Of Calvinism) is in the process of publishing a book on this subject. He has sent me the page proofs of his book, along with a request to review and to announce it. The title of this forthcoming book is Daddy, May I Take Communion?

The title may be somewhat misleading. The book is hardly an answer to a child’s question. It is rather a thorough-going treatment of the question of children’s communion; and it comes down on the side of the traditional Reformed position, i.e., no children’s communion.

The book deals with this subject both from the confessional and the Scriptural point of view. It is a book designed both for the man in the pew, who is without formal theological education, and for the more advanced student of theology.

The reader must not expect easy reading. Especially when Dr. Coppes makes his argument against simplistically identifying the Passover and the Lord’s Supper, the going becomes a bit heavy. So if you are willing to put on your thinking-cap, you can benefit from this book. While I am in agreement with the main thesis of the book, there are points at which I am in disagreement (e.g. on the covenant).

If you are interested in this subject, get the book and read it. It is being privately published by the author; and he is offering it at a pre-publication price of $10.00 plus postage, in order to finance publication. Write to: Dr. Leonard J. Coppes, 9161 Vine St., Thorton, CO 80229.