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Mr. Brummel is a member of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Edgerton, Minnesota and secretary of the Foreign Mission Committee.

Organization of a Church in Manila

The Foreign Mission Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches once again presents a brief annual review of the foreign mission work being done by our churches.

Even though we have correspondence with various contacts in other countries, the focus of our work continues to be in the Philippines. We had opportunity to remain busy in the work of bringing the gospel and teaching through the faithful labors of our calling church (Doon PRC) and our missionary, Rev. Spriensma, until he left the field in February to take up his new labors as pastor of the Kalamazoo PRC.

The Berean Fellowship with whom our missionary, Rev. Audred Spriensma, had worked for several years brought a request to organize into a church to synod of 2006. This organization was approved and took place in November 2006. Even though the group has organized into an autonomous church, they requested that Doon council continue to be in contact with them in an advisory capacity. They also requested that the Foreign Mission Committee continue to labor with them in their area and elsewhere in the country.

The Committee

The Foreign Mission Committee meets once a month. The committee is made up of three ministers and six elders (or ex-elders) from our churches in Doon and Hull, IA and Edgerton, MN. The current members are James Andringa, Allen Brummel, Andrew Brummel, Rev. Steven Key, Brian Kroese, Rev. Dennis Lee, Robert Mantel, Rev. David Overway, and Gene Van Bemmel.

The Calling Church

Doon council continues to be the calling church for a missionary to the Philippines. They are in the process of calling a missionary to work in the Philippines with the Berean Protestant Reformed Church in the Philippines (BPRCP) and in other areas on the islands. They also stay in close contact with the BPRCP in an advisory role.

The Philippines

The BPRCP was organized with twelve families on November 20, 2006. The sacrament of baptism was administered and confessions of faith were heard. Along with Rev. Spriensma, a delegation from Doon and the Foreign Mission Committee was on hand to witness this historic and emotional event in the lives of the saints there.

Through Rev. Spriensma and the group at Manila, there was other mission work being done. Rev. Spriensma continued to give instruction to a group of pastors in the Batassan Hills area and with a small group in Inayuan on the southern Island of Negros. The ongoing labors at Gabaldon have progressed well, with a new worship place under construction for their use. Rev. Spriensma continued to work with Vernon Ibe, with a view to his being trained someday for the office of minister of God’s Word in the Philippines. In all this we have seen God’s blessing.

The Foreign Mission Committee would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to Rev. Spriensma and his family for their years of faithful labor on the Philippine mission field. We wish Rev. Spriensma God’s blessing as he has now taken up labors elsewhere.

We pray that God will provide a man of His choosing to take up the missionary labors that continue to await us in the Philippines. We pray that God will continue to use the Protestant Reformed Churches to spread the good news of salvation to the far reaches of the world.