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The above is a snap-shot of the new church at Forbes, N.D. The building was recently moved from the neighboring vicinity of Ashley, N.D., and placed in the new location in the center of the town of Forbes. It is rectangular in shape, 24 by 40 feet in size. The interior has been newly decorated and is equipped with acoustical tile ceiling. It has twenty lo-foot pews plus two smaller ones which provide Forbes with room for growth and expansion. The Lord has provided this needed church property for the congregation of Forbes at the cost of about $2,500.00. For miles around one can see the cross firmly affixed atop the high steeple. For many years it has seemed to be the sole prerogative of the Roman Catholic churches to have a cross on their steeples, but it is becoming prevalent among Protestant churches as well to claim their members to be sheltered under the symbol of the Cross on which their Savior paid the bitter price for their sins. 

Congratulations, Forbes! May you prosper under the preaching of the Word as it reveals to you the whole counsel of God in regard to His chosen people. May your new church truly be a “house of God” wherein the pure doctrine of the gospel is preached; in which the pure administration of the sacraments as instituted by Christ is maintained; and where church discipline is exercised in punishing of sin according to the Scriptures. God bless you in that way. 

—J.M. Faber