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Featured in our May 15 “Special Issue” on Missions and Evangelism was the work of various PR Evangelism Committees. The contribution of South Holland PRC’s Evangelism Committee was inadvertently omitted. With our apologies to South Holland, we print theirs belatedly below.

The Evangelism Committee of the South Holland Protestant Reformed Church officially labors in direct obedience to Christ’s command to proclaim the gospel to all nations. We do this under the supervision of the council of our church, with our pastor as the chairman of the Evangelism Committee. The committee takes this work very seriously. The work is nothing less than the proclamation of the good news of salvation, which is a savor of life unto life for God’s elect and a savor of death unto death for the reprobate.

The Evangelism Committee is busy in this work in a number of different ways. We continue to work on many longstanding projects such as a small quarterly magazine, The Reformed Perspective, sent to our mailing list in the community and abroad. We maintain a website with a fully searchable and up-to-date sermon library. The committee is currently reworking our Reformed Bookshelf, through which we promote RFPA and other good Reformed books in the congregation and RFPA literature to the community. Our recent advertisement for a sermon series on Titus has received good response, for which we are thankful.

In addition to these and many other labors, two recent events are worthy of further explanation. For many years the Evangelism Committee has hosted a lecture for Reformation Day. This year’s lecture, by Prof. Herman Hanko, was entitled, “The Reformed Ecumenical Movement: Was the Reformation a Mistake?” The lecture was promoted extensively in the Reformed periodicals and we received many orders for the lecture from these ads.

Second, we have had a long history of publishing pamphlets as one of the main ways to spread the truth of the gospel through promotion in magazine ads, the Internet, and mailings. We continue in this labor with many reprints, and we report an exciting new pamphlet that we are preparing for publication entitled, “The Holy Spirit and Assurance,” by Prof. David Engelsma. The author refutes the popular notion that is promoted far and wide, and almost without challenge, that one of the main experiences of the Christian life is doubt. He stresses that the Christian’s experience is the comforting assurance of his salvation. Our committee intends to promote this pamphlet as vigorously as we promoted our last pamphlet, Until Death Do Us Part. We are confident that this new pamphlet will receive as warm a welcome as did Until Death Do Us Part.