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My thanks to Mr. Cal Kalsbeek for his comments [cf. September 1, 2007 Standard Bearer, p. 474] on Joel Belz’s World magazine article entitled “Seven big lies.”

Mr. Belz should have listed eight Big Lies! The first being the lie about Scripture itself. The lie that the best manuscripts were found in a jar in Egypt, and in a trash can in the Vatican—as put forth by the liars Wescott and Hort in the 1880s and accepted wholesale by “Reformed Christians” such as B.B. Warfield, et. al. This is why all the other lies have been so readily accepted by our modern age. Once the Scriptures were put in doubt as to their absolute authority, liberalism won the day. May God help us to return to truth in the near future, or we, like old Israel, will be destroyed.

Al Salmon

Moorestown, NJ