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With this Standard Bearer, October 1, 2016, in your hand (or on your screen), you are in possession of the first issue of volume 93. For ninety-two years, since October 1, 1924, the Lord has enabled our fathers and us to produce a magazine that has propagated, defended, and even developed the Reformed faith. By the power of God’s uncommon grace, until the Lord returns we will continue to produce the magazine with the same purpose and goal, so that you readers are equipped to witness to the faith of our fathers, and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Standard Bearer staff, which determines the writers and content of the magazine, met in August to lay out plans for the twenty-one issues of volume year 93. There are a few changes in store worth mentioning. We have some new writers. Rev. Dennis Lee has been added to the staff to write meditations, and Rev. Erik Guichelaar to write for “All Around Us,” replacing Rev. Daniel Holstege. We hope that, when Rev. Holstege gets his feet on the ground in the Philippines, he can resume writing, but then on the subject of missions. In the “science” rubric, “All Thy Works Shall Praise Thee,” Dr. Nathan Lanning and Dr. Brendan Looyenga have joined brother Joel Minderhoud. Both of the brothers have written before; now they have accepted the invitation of the staff to join as regular contributors. Rev. Garrett Eriks will move from “The Strength of Youth” to “When Thou Sittest in Thine House.” Rev. Jon Mahtani will join the staff and take his place under “The Strength of Youth.” Rev. Cory Griess returns to the rubric “O Come, Let Us Worship.” And Rev. Douglas Kuiper will write about Psalter revision in his rubric “Ministering to the Saints.”

God willing, the SB will produce two special issues this year. First, coming next issue already will be our annual Reformation issue, this time on Martin Luther. With the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, we thought this a fitting theme. In the Spring we will have another special issue focusing on missions and evangelism. Send us your suggestions!

Finally, with the new volume year comes a small subscription increase—from $23 to $24 for domestic subscription. The RFPA, which publishes the Standard Bearer, explains that this will help cover printing costs increases, and will help finance a new and improved look to the magazine that we hope to implement in one year. The costs for better paper and perhaps four color are more than one dollar, so all of us who pay are still getting a good magazine for a very low price. The staff is thankful that you subscribe, read, and promote the Standard Bearer. Pass it on. Give a gift subscription to a friend. Are any of our children not subscribers? College students still get the SB for free.

Good reading!