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On Friday, May 1; the Rev. H. Hoeksema, at the personal invitation of Prof. Harold Dekker, addressed the Middlers Class of (Calvin Seminary on the subject, “Particular Throughout.” (Our seminary personnel, accompanied also by the Revs. H. Veldman and G. Vos, were also present by invitation. The lecture was followed by an abbreviated session of questions from the students. 

It is not my purpose to attempt an estimate of the value and effect of this meeting. I can report, however: 1) That, as all will recognize, this was a very unusual event and opportunity both for the speaker and for the audience. 2) We experienced a very cordial reception. 3 ) The possibility of and hope for further contact and opportunity for discussion were expressed; and to such further discussion, possibly in the fall, as Prof. Dekker suggested, when school resumes, we look forward. 

For the rest, because of the wide interest expressed, we present the text of Rev. Hoeksema’s lecture in theStandard Bearer. With the exception of a very few remarks which were here and there inserted, this is the lecture as it was delivered to Prof. Dekker’s class in missions.