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Back business. I failed to make mention in the previous issue that the department The Lord Gave The Word will be appearing from time to time in the current volume. The Rev. R. Decker contributed a guest article in the last issue for this department; but we are happy to report also that the regular department editor, Rev. C. Hanko, hopes to fill this rubric in the future. The next article will appear in the November 1 issue. You may also await with anticipation a surprise new rubric from Rev. Hanko’s pen which will appear from time to time.

New department. As you read this issue, you will discover a new department designed especially for covenant youth, under the heading, “The Strength of Youth.” The Rev. J. Kortering has switched from his co-editorship of the Meditation department to this new rubric. The purpose of this new department is emphatically not to compete with Beacon Lights. We are of the opinion that our youth should become accustomed to reading the Standard Bearer in addition to their own magazine. This new department is an added incentive to do so. Parents, encourage your young people.

Seminary report. In my dual capacity as editor and seminary instructor, I cannot refrain from a bit of partiality to the seminary. Be sure to read the “Seminary Report” in this issue. It introduces our greatly expanded student body, and, I am sure, will infect you with some of the enthusiasm and thankfulness which has already infected us who are directly connected with “our school.”

News feature. We are happy to present in this issue a special news feature concerning the dedication of Covenant Christian High School. That was a thrilling occasion, and more than one of us went homeward after that dedication with tears of joy in his eyes. By this means we want to share the occasion with you. It was a highlight! Our thanks to Dr. Monsma for his report, to Rev. Veldman for furnishing his address, and to Mr. Seymour Beiboer for his fine pictures.

Reasons for sanctified optimism. I want to conclude these notes on this note. Sometimes, especially when occasionally notes of malcontented criticism and even calamity-howling are sounded by a few, with whom the wish is frequently father to the thought, we allow ourselves to be tempted into accentuating the negative, and thus to be led even into the slough of despond. But as I ponder some of the items mentioned above and some of the material appearing in this issue, it strikes me that there is abundant reason for a healthy, sanctified optimism, as well as for a renewal of zeal and vigor for the task. The Lord is greatly blessing us! All thanks and praise to Him!