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 The reader will notice that some of our regular departments are missing from time to time. This is intentional. We are trying to furnish a greater variety of material by two means: occasionally including special features, and introducing some new departments. This also gives the various department editors a “breather” now and then. In this issue we have another new department: Rev. Harbach’s Studies in Depth. This will replace his Trying The Spirits. In this rubric he will furnish us with the results of his research into various movements and organizations in the ecclesiastical and religious world, some of them familiar, some of them less familiar, and will also favor us with his critical evaluations.

In this issue you will also find the annual reports of the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Reformed Free Publishing Association. Encouraging in the secretary’s report is the information that we have again had a net increase in subscribers during the past volume-year. In the treasurer’s report one cannot fail to note the faithful financial support from our various congregations. But did you also notice the large amount of individual gifts? I happen to know that among these were two gifts of appreciation of $100 each from a faithful reader in New Jersey. An example to emulate!

I have been asked to forward to our readers the Board’s sincere thanks for the 40 gift subscriptions which were sent in recently in response to the little campaign carried in the summer issues. The Board is already making use of these gifts in an effort to extend our witness. It is hoped that ways and means can be found to do more, much more, of this kind of thing.

In this issue you will also find Rev. Kortering’s address to the annual meeting of the RFPA, “The Fervency of Faith.” Be sure to read it, and be inspired as we who were present at the meeting were!