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At your editor’s request? Prof. Hanko submitted the manuscript of his recent lecture on “Biblical Ecumenicity” for publication in our Standard Bearer. Due to the fortunate circumstance that we had some surplus space in this issue, we are able to present the entire lecture in one issue, rather than in installments. This is recommended reading both for those who heard the lecture and for those who were not present.

We take this opportunity to express our Christian sympathy to Mr. Peter Wobbema, Jr., in the recent death of his father, Peter Wobbema, Sr. May the Lord comfort him in this bereavement. (For the information of our readers, the Wobbemas, both father and son, have for many years been the printers of our magazine.)

A recent issue of Christian News gave editorial notice to Prof. Hanko’s comments in All Around Us about the futility of science’s efforts to overcome death. Christian News (formerlyLutheran News) is an independent Lutheran publication. Another evidence that the witness of our Standard Bearer extends even beyond the Reformed community.

In a recent editorial on what here in Michigan has been dubbed “Parochiaid” (government aid for private schools), I suggested that the so-called reimbursable subjects would include almost any subject except direct religion or Bible courses. This was confirmed by a later news dispatch, which mentioned a list of subjects which included English, mathematics, science, American history, government, commercial skills, vocational training, foreign language, reading, and physical education.

I repeat my recent appeal for biographical information, anecdotes, and pictures which any of our members can furnish about the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema. Preparations for such a biography are in an active stage; any helpful materials, especially pre-1930, will be appreciated.