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If I believed in gremlins and jinxes, I would begin to think that Rev. VanBaren’s department, Examining Ecumenicalism, is currently jinxed. First only half of his article on “The Dutch Meet Dixie” was placed; now his, article was not placed at all in the Dec. 1 issue. If you were looking for “Another Suitor in the Wings?” in his department, as promised on the cover page, the trouble was not with your eyes; that other suitor just wasn’t there. If it makes any difference, the explanation is that the printer informed me that there was not sufficient space for that article; on my instructions he omitted it, but he failed to omit the promise of the article on the cover page. In order to leave that promise broken no longer than necessary, we are placing the article in this issue.

Our readers will meet with a new, and probably a surprise, name in the pages of this issue, that of Prof. Merle Meeter, who is assistant professor of English at Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa: Prof. Meeter submitted an unsolicited article in which he attempts to apply Reformed principles to Christian literature. In keeping with our policy of being an “open” paper and of publishing articles of interest in Reformed thought, the Standard Bearer is publishing this guest article. As usual, publication does not necessarily imply endorsement of all that is written; and the author himself is responsible for what he writes. Moreover, comments on the contents, pro or con, are welcome in our Contributions department. We recommend the article as worth your careful attention.

Work on publication of “Behold, He Cometh!” is proceeding well on schedule,—for the information of several who have inquired orally. In the very near future, possibly in the January 1 or January 15 issue, we hope to be able to announce details of the prepublication sale of this exposition of the Book of Revelation by the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema.