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The Staff extends its Christian sympathy to our former News Editor (and still occasional contributor), Mr. John M. Faber, in the recent death of his sister, Mrs. Grace Ondersma.

A bit belatedly, we call your attention to a rather serious typographical error which crept into Rev. Harbach’s article in the issue of March 15, page 281, second column, lines 1-3, which should read: ” . . . free to preach the gospel within (not: “without”) the branches of the armed forces . . . “

Featured in this issue is the first installment of the Reverend H. Veldman’s recent lecture on “The Love of God, Wholly Particular.” By this means our readers outside the Michigan area can benefit from his lecture also. Plans are to carry the second part of this lecture in the May 1 issue.

Our regular writer for the Meditation department, the Reverend M. Schipper, has been sidelined, due to surgery. We are thankful to report that after a hospital stay of almost two weeks, our brother has returned home; though weak, he appears to be well on the road to recovery and eventual resumption of his labors. The editorials in this and the next issue on the important subject of “The Marks Of The True Church” will also be published in pamphlet form by the Sunday School Mission Publishing Society of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids. This will be their fourth new pamphlet in recent months. Others are: “Biblical Ecumenicity” (Prof. H. Hanko); “Creation? or Evolution?” (Rev. G. VanBaren); “Labor Union Membership in the Light of Scripture” (Rev. J.A. Heys). These, and many older pamphlets, are available for the asking. If interested in obtaining copies for yourself or others, write to: Sunday School Mission Publishing Society, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.

Incidentally, considerable work has already been done on preparation of a catalogue of all Protestant Reformed literature presently available. Efforts are also being put forth to arrange for one central distribution address, rather than the somewhat confusing variety of addresses to which interested persons must now write to obtain our literature.