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Don’t blame your editor if you fail to take advantage of the pre-publication sale of “Behold, He Cometh!—An Exposition of the Book of Revelation.” The reason will not be that you have not been reminded. When this issue arrives in your mail, the pre-publication sale will be exactly one-half over. Have you ordered your copy? Being privy to all the preparations for publication, I have had the opportunity to see the final page proofs. This is going to be a beautifully printed book, I can assure you! And I hardly need tell you that I am in love with the contents of this clear and thorough exposition of the Book of Revelation. It ought to be in every Protestant Reformed home, and in many others too! Get your copy at the special price of $7.95 by ordering it today and enclosing payment. The address: Reformed Free Publishing Association, PO Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501.

I recommend that all the ministers of Classis East accept the invitation to attend the Ministers’ Conference of Classis West which is to be held, D.V., on Tuesday, March 4, at South Holland. Personally, I have long felt that there is not sufficient opportunity for fellowship among the ministers of our small denomination. Too often we see and speak to one another only at such occasions as classical and synodical and committee meetings. This invitation from our Western ministers is a move in the right direction. The seminary faculty and students are planning to attend. And I recommend that the various consistories urge their respective ministers to attend and that if they have other activities scheduled, they should be excused from those. Rev. D.J. Engelsma is scheduled to deliver a paper on “The Genealogy of Jesus According to the Flesh.”

We welcome Rev. R. Decker to this issue as a guest writer in the department The Lord Gave The Word. And, in a feature article, our News Editor is doubling as a reporter for our Theological School Committee. I wonder what grade I should give him in Isagogics for the morning?