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Our readers are reminded of the scheduled change in subscription rates announced in the last issue, and also blank on the inside back page of the subscription drive announced in that issue. Since we publish only one issue in August, this will be your last reminder before the September 1 deadline to take advantage of the old subscription price of $5.00. Be sure to take double advantage of the old rate! Get a subscription renewal for yourself; and do your part toward spreading the witness of ourStandard Bearer by sending in $5.00 for a gift subscription for a non-reader. Again you will find for your convenience a subscription blank on the inside back page.

The Standard Bearer will be commenting in this and future issues on various burning questions in the Reformed community. In the present issue we begin our treatment of the views of Dr. H.M. Kuitert. But there are various other matters, such as, for example, the sequel to the “Dekker Case,” to which we shall also devote our attention.

Copies of my recent pamphlet, entitled “A Testimony and Appeal Concerning The ‘Dekker Case’ Decisions of the Christian Reformed Synod of 1967” are available free of charge. Write to: Rev. M. Schipper, 1543 Cambridge Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506.