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We goofed! If I believed in gremlins, I would say there was a bad gremlin sitting on my typewriter when the last issue was prepared, and that he traveled to the typesetter’s office and to the print shop. I refer to the obvious mistake on the cover of the last issue. At least that mistake and a couple of others in the contents were obvious enough to be recognized as mistakes. And mistakes like that have this benefit, that they help to keep one humble!

Partly as a fruit of last spring’s survey, we are trying to get a little more variety in our magazine. And with good cooperation from staff members and others, we are succeeding, I believe. We call your attention to the writings of Rev. Harbach on election, and to the reappearance of The Strength of Youth (a department which will be shared this year by Revs. Kortering and Decker) and of Rev. Woudenberg’s A Cloud of Witnesses. Some other departments are getting a “breather.”

Yes, and there is also a further exchange between Rev. Van Baren and the three Professors about the Father Groppi lecture. The reader will notice that in the current exchange the “nitty-gritty” is being reached. Our readers will be interested in knowing that this matter has gotten considerable attention in other publications. Rev. VanBaren’s first article was reprinted in Torch and Trumpet and in the ACRL Bulletin. The last exchange between Rev. Van Baren and the three Professors was reprinted in Torch and Trumpet. And we are inviting Torch and Trumpet (and any others interested) to reprint the current exchange.

The pre-publication sale of The Triple Knowledge will soon be over! Have you sent in your order for the 3-volume set at the special price of $22.50? When this issue appears, you will have only two more weeks to get your order in! Use the envelope from the Oct. 15 issue.