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In “Come Ye Apart . . . And Rest A While” you will find another of several attractive articles by Rev. C. Hanko. It could not be placed in the Dec. 15 issue; but we felt that January 1 is not so far removed from the Christmas season as to warrant saving this article for an entire year! So we present it—and without apologies!

This issue features the second and concluding installment of Rev. D. Engelsma’s “The Pilgrim’s Involvement In Earthly Affairs.” And “In His Fear” carries the first installment of a recent address by Rev. J. Heys on “Training Our Youth In Covenant Distinctiveness.”

A possible resurrection? In the December 15 issue we proclaimed the death of parochiaid. We should have known better, but we had forgotten a lesson learned long ago—that the courts can be fickle. Although the Michigan Supreme Court had once refused to upset an Appeals Court decision that the anti-parochiaid amendment should properly be on the ballot, now that same Supreme Court has for some unexplained reason decided to look into the legality of the manner in which that amendment was brought. This could mean the resurrection of parochiaid! Time and the court will tell.

In conclusion, have you ordered your Volume I of The Triple Knowledge reprint? Forgot it, eh? Well, make a New Year’s resolution not to forget such important items; and then keep it, too! Start off by sending your order, with $8.95, to: RFPA Publications Committee, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.