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Last Chance! Well, almost the last . . . At a recent meeting of our Publications Committee, the book publishing arm of our RFPA, I learned that our stock of Reformed Dogmatics is down to 79 books. That means that before long the supply will be exhausted. If you are one of those people who tends to put things off and do not yet have this volume, you will be wise to delay no longer. You just might wait too long! The price is $14.95, and the address is: RFPA Publications Committee, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. 

Bound Volumes. This issue of our magazine marks the beginning of a new volume year under the grace of our covenant God. The 48th! But this also means that Volume 47 is complete and that before long the bound volumes will be ready. If you are not on the list, put your order in. Send it to our efficient business manager, Mr. H. Vander Wal, at the address listed in the masthead.

Old-New Department. There has been a change made. In this issue you will discover that the Rev. J. Heys is no longer the editor of In His Fear, which he wrote for many years. He has now taken over the department on Old Testament history. But it will not be called A Cloud of Witnesses as it was when Rev. Woudenberg edited that department. We have gone back to the name The Day of Shadows, under which the late Rev. G.M. Ophoff wrote for many years. Thanks to Rev. Woudenberg for past labors! Welcome to the new department, Rev. Heys! No, Rev. Woudenberg is not quitting the Standard Bearer. He has promised some articles of a different type. Wait and see!

Other Goodies! I’ve been holding out on you until the beginning of the new volume. But if everything goes according to plan, you will be seeing more changes in the Standard Bearer in this new volume. For one thing, Rev. Engelsma is again appearing in print. In this issue he continues a project begun in the previous volume: The Concern of the Reformation for Christian Education. He will be completing this series, but also writing on other subjects. The Strength of Youth is planned for all 21 issues this year; and Rev. Robert Decker has become co-editor with Rev. Jay Kortering of this department. They plan to alternate. We have also been promised several articles by the Rev. Dale Kuiper and by the Rev. George Lanting. All in all, there will be somewhat of a new look! We hope you will enjoy it!