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Publication News. The first volume of the projected 3-volume reprint of the Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s The Triple Knowledge, An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism, will be published in early fall. As of this writing, the last details of preparation are being cared for before this volume goes to press; and thereafter it should be ready within two months. This first volume will include the first three volumes of the original 10-volume set (several of which are now out of print), and it will be attractively and serviceably published at an extremely reasonable price. Plans are to complete the reprinting of the entire set within a year. Watch for further announcements of this next RFPA publication!

Copy for some of our departments did not come in this month; this accounts for a larger than usual quota of “Believers and Their Seed,” (which we also, by the way, plan to publish in book form when it is completed in the near future). We have received several questions for our Question Box; and we hope to begin answering them in the September 15 issue. To those who have sent in questions: patience, please!

Seminary Convocation will be held, D.V., at 8 p.m., Wednesday evening, September 9, at the Hope Protestant Reformed Church. Why this unusual change? The answer is that this will also be the previously promised Seminary Night, held under the auspices of our Theological School Committee. An interesting program, in which faculty and student body will take part, is being prepared for the evening; and as many of our people as live near enough are invited and urged to attend and thus to “live along” with our seminary a bit. Meanwhile as we begin a new term of instruction and study, we commend our seminary to the prayers of our churches. Mark this important date on your calendar of events!

We call the special attention of our men to the announcement of the annual meeting of the RFPA which appears elsewhere in this issue. Only too often this meeting is poorly attended, due partly to the fact that it gets crowded out by other events when the fall season of activities begins. We urge you, one and all, to keep this date, Sept. 24, open for this meeting. If you are not a member of the RFPA, join! The RFPA and the Standard Bearer need your active support!