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OF SPECIAL INTEREST to those of our readers who can read Dutch and who are interested in events in the Dutch churches is this announcement. We have received a limited supply of two brochures by Dr. Ph. J. Huijser which deal with the situation in the Netherlands. The first is entitled: Het Verwordingsproces in de Gereformeerde Kerken: I, De Regerende Klasse. The second is: Het Verwordingsproces in de Gereformeerde Kerken: II, De Invloed van de Tijdgeest. The first I reviewed well over a year ago. The second I will review in the near future. While I do not agree with these booklets in every respect, I nevertheless think they are helpful in obtaining a picture of the situation in the Netherlands. As a special service to our readers, we have obtained a limited supply of these brochures. They can be obtained for $1.00 each, postpaid. If you are interested, write to the Business Office: The Standard Bearer, Box 6064, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. Enclose $2.00.

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