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Publication News. 

The second, correct printing of Reformed Dogmaticshas long been in the hands of our printer. We had hoped that it would be ready by now. However, a delay of some six weeks is due to a paper shortage. We have received word that the book is in process of being printed now. After that it must still go to our binder, who is also behind schedule. Working on the principle that misery loves company, I am glad that I’m not the only one who gets behind schedule. But as to the book, who knows? Maybe . . . April 15??? 

New Publications Catalogue. 

That brings to mind a second item which is behind schedule, namely, our new, (hopefully) up-to-date folder listing Protestant Reformed publications. If our printer keeps his promise, we might even be able to enclose a copy with this issue. I’m sure you will notice it if it is enclosed; so if you don’t notice it, it isn’t there. But we do promise that it will be available soon. And we do urge you to use it and to order good literature.

Question Box. 

At the risk of being monotonous, let me remind you that I still receive occasional letters for Question Box which are unsigned. Sorry, but they cannot be used and will not be answered. Let me clarify once more: we cannot accept anonymous questions, but we do not publish your name when your question is printed. So you can safely sign your name; I can keep a secret. 

Ten for Two. 

Do you have a friend or acquaintance to whom you would like to introduce the Standard Bearer? You can do so at a very reasonable price and still give him a good sampling of our magazine. Send in a Ten for Two subscription (10 issues, a half year, for $2.00) for that friend. Send the name and address (and, of course, the $2.00). Our Business Manager will do the rest.