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At the end of the May 1 editorial, in the last sentence, the reference was, of course, not to the Christian Reformed Church, but to the Christian Reformation Church.

This issue of our magazine is a bit unusual. Some of our regular departments have been omitted, in order to make it possible to present in toto in one issue the significant lecture by the Rev. G. VanBaren on “Ted and Alice and Groppi…and Grace.” We felt that, in spite of its length, it would be more satisfactory to present this material complete in one issue than to present it in installments. The material presented in print is somewhat more extensive than the actual material of Rev. VanBaren’s lecture; when the lecture was delivered, time did not permit presentation of all the documentation which Rev. VanBaren had prepared. Some of this additional documentation appears in the printed transcript. 

Arrangements are being made to make this material available in pamphlet form also. Those who are interested are invited to correspond with our Business Manager, Mr. H. Vander Wal, at our business address which appears in the masthead. 

Rev. VanBaren’s lecture, by the way, is wholly in line with the editorial in our May 1 issue concerning the common grace issue.