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Key 73—What Must We Think About It? This will be the subject of a lecture in the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, to be delivered by the Rev. David Engelsma. In this note I not only want to call attention to this forthcoming lecture, which ought to be of interest to many Reformed people. But I call attention, too, to a change of date. Originally this lecture was scheduled for May 3. It has now been changed to May 10, the Lord willing. Circle this date on your calendar, and plan to attend! 

Progress Report—Theological School Building. The committee had planned to present a progress report with complete building plans more than a month ago. In fact, the article has been written and the sketches are all ready. However, there has been a delay, due to legal technicalities in clearing the title to the site. As soon as this matter is cleared up, there will indeed be a complete—and exciting—report.