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Anniversary. In our next issue special attention will be given to a very special occasion, that of the Golden Anniversary of the Protestant Reformed Churches. While our Standard Bearer is a free paper, not a church paper, and while our Standard Bearer is actually older than the Protestant Reformed Churches, yet the two have always been intimately connected. And we shall not let this special occasion pass unnoticed. Why the issue of March 1? Because that comes closest to the date when the Protestant Reformed Churches organized provisionally under the Act of Agreement.

Publication News. There will be a very special book coming from the press in the near future, too. In fact, it is a once-in-a-lifetime book. I refer to God’s Covenant Faithfulness, a beautiful volume commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformed Churches. We are still, hoping to get the book on the market during March; maybe that is optimistic, but at any rate it will be soon! This is going to be a volume which all of you will want to buy. But this will also be a book for posterity, so that you will probably want to buy copies for your children to keep in time to come. And remember, this is the kind of book which will not be reprinted in the future, should our supply run out. We have had to up the price a bit over our original estimate, due to inflation. But even at that, $5.95 for this book which will be replete with pictures and art-work, as well as information, history, and explanation, will be a bargain!

More Publication News. By the time you read this, our supply of four previous publications should be replenished: In The Beginning God, Believers And Their Seed, Behold He Cometh, and Therefore Have I Spoken will all be in plentiful supply again. And a brand new book by Rev. David Engelsma, Marriage: The Mystery of Christ And The Church, should be available by late spring. The tentative price on this volume is $3.50. Another book has just gone to press, but you can begin to look forward to it. Prof. Herman Hanko has written a large volume on our Lord’s parables under the title, The Mysteries Of The Kingdom. We don’t even have a tentative price on this one yet; but it will be worth every cent!

Australasian Tour. Our synodical Committee for Contact With Other Churches is making arrangements for a trip to New Zealand and Australia by two representatives of our churches. Any of our Australasian friends who would like to make contact with us during the latter part of June and the first part of July, the Lord willing, is welcome to write to me or to Mr. W. van Rij. You will find both addresses in the masthead on the back page.

Sorry, but Question Box will have to be postponed to the next issue.