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Apology. In the August issue of our magazine there appeared a contribution consisting of a rhymed version of the Ten Commandments. It was unsigned. Not only is it against our policy to place unsigned contributions, but it is also rude to the contributor. And I did not intend to be rude. I had thought that the copy submitted to our printer was clear; but inadvertently a signed letter which accompanied this little contribution was omitted from the Standard Bearer. The contributor was brother Thys Feenstra of Redlands, California. And in his letter he indicated that he sent this in with the idea that it might be nice for some parents to teach their children. Peccavi, brother Feenstra!

Call for Help. We repeat the request to our readers to send in any pictures or other memorabilia connected with the history of our Standard Bearer, for use in connection with the observance of our fiftieth anniversary. If you think something might be of interest, but are not certain, please send it in and let the committee judge. Send all materials to: Prof. H. Hanko, 4665 Ju-Le-On Dr., S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49504.

Bound volumes. This is the last issue of Volume 49. In this issue you will find an index of the entire volume. This index is prepared, of course, for those who save their Standard Bearers, and especially for those who subscribe to the bound volumes. If you should be interested in obtaining Bound Volume No. 49, or earlier ones, contact our business office. You will find information on this in the masthead.