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You have in your hands a special issue on the church’s long-treasured practice of singing psalms in public worship. Although our Psalter’s anniversary was not in view when we planned the issue, 2014 does mark 100 years since our fathers adopted the 1912 Psalter for use in the churches. God’s faithfulness explains our continuing in psalm-singing.

The logic of the articles should not be missed. First, Rev. James Slopsema, one of our long-time writers of meditations, helps us reflect on God’s Word in the psalms. The editorial encourages us in the use of this songbook called “the Psalms” and the great blessing of them. Three articles look at the rich history of psalm-singing. Rev. Brian Huizinga’s moving article traces the history of psalm-singing from the earliest times of the New Testament church. Rev. Kenneth Koole writes a fascinating history of the use the 1912 Psalter in the PRC. Rev. Martyn McGeown, whose churches use the Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalter, writes about the present use of the psalms in various Reformed and Presbyterian churches. That all the psalms should (and can be!) sung by New Testament Christians is the purpose of Rev. Ronald Hanko’s article on the imprecatory psalms. Then there is careful reflection, by Prof. Russell Dykstra, on how the PRC’s Psalter might be improved.

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