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In this issue, Rev. Ron Hanko begins a series of articles on Malachi for the rubric “Search the Scriptures.” The observant reader will notice that the last issue of the Standard Bearer carried the first installment of Prof. Herman Hanko’s exposition of Galatians. A word of explanation is in order. Rev. R. Hanko has been the regular contributor for this rubric and had already submitted his work on Malachi. The material by Rev. Hanko is exactly what we desire for the SB—brief expositions of Bible passages. Prof. H. Hanko, who is drawing his series “Mark the Bulwarks” to a close, expressed an interest in writing on the Epistle to the Galatians. Such a series is indeed timely, since a proper understanding of the doctrine in Galatians is crucial in the battle over justification currently raging in Reformed and Presbyterian churches. Convinced that an exposition of this book is of vital importance for believers today, we seized the opportunity to have a seasoned exegete expound Galatians, and decided to begin his series now, rather than to wait until the exposition of Malachi is finished. The plan is, then, that “Search the Scriptures” will appear (D.V.) in virtually every issue, alternating between the two writers.