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Since the new volume year begins with this issue, we take the opportunity to inform you of some of the changes and plans for this year. First of all, we are delighted to report that two of the writers who took time off from their regular rubrics are returning to the staff. Prof. David Engelsma will resume his writing on eschatology in “Things That Must Shortly Come to Pass.” Because errors in eschatology abound, a solid explanation and spirited defense of the amillennial position is vitally important for the church in these last days. For that reason we are very pleased to have Prof. Engelsma take up the pen for the SB.

We are also pleased to inform you that Prof. Ronald Cammenga, newly appointed professor of theology in the Protestant Reformed Seminary, will be resuming his work on the Church Order. He is determined to finish the articles on the Church Order. This too is of value for the church, to have continued discussion and defense of the Reformed Church Order in a day when proper order in the church is often neglected or ignored to the peril of the church.

Two other writers appeared in the SB in the last volume but did so on a trial basis. Having written a few articles, they were willing to become writers officially, and theSB staff approved them. Mrs. Jan Miersma, wife of missionary Thomas Miersma (Spokane, WA), joins Rev. Bill Bruinsma (with some reprints from Dr. Abraham Kuyper) in the rubric “When Thou Sittest in Thine House.” The staff also added Mr. Brian VanEngen as a writer for the rubric “Church and State.” Mr. VanEngen is an attorney and a member of the PRC in Hull, IA.

Finally, Rev. Bill Langerak, pastor in the Southeast PRC (Grand Rapids, MI), will write for the popular rubric “A Word Fitly Spoken.”

The staff approved the schedule of writers (twenty other men) and rubrics (eighteen rubrics in all) and reappointed the three editors to their joint editorship. The editors take this opportunity to welcome the new and the returning writers and to extend a hearty thank you to those who contribute so faithfully to the SB.

For the coming year we are planning some special issues. The next issue (Oct. 15) is the annual Reformation Day issue. It will be devoted to the pre-reformer John Wycliffe. We are also planning a special issue on the Protestant Reformed Seminary. This and more, in the next volume, the Lord willing.

We covet your continued prayers for theStandard Bearer. We give heartfelt thanks to God for the provision of writers, for the continued interest in and support of the SB, and above all for keeping the magazine faithful to its stated purpose, namely, a Reformed magazine devoted to the defense and propagation of the Reformed faith. In His strength, we commence another year.