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Volume 41 Completed 

This issue of our Standard Bearer completes another volume; and although this is not a “special” anniversary, we nevertheless wish to take note of this fact with thanksgiving to our God, Who has brought us hitherto. 

In connection with the completion of this volume, your attention is called to the following: 

1) In this issue you will find the index of the entire volume. A word of thanks is due to the Rev. G. Vanden Berg for this helpful key to the contents of an entire year’s issues. Those of you who save your copies or who purchase the bound volumes will undoubtedly find this index valuable. 

2) Those interested in keeping each year’s copies of our magazines will do well to order a bound volume if you are not already on the Board’s list of standing orders. If you have not purchased bound volumes in the past, why not begin with Volume 41? The cost is only slight when you purchase these volumes annually, and they make valuable additions to your library. Make it a point to write to the Business Manager. 

3) Although as the years pass it becomes more and more difficult to obtain the earlier volumes, occasionally it is possible to obtain a complete set of bound volumes. Young or old, if you are interested in adding a good reference work to your library, the purchase of such a complete set, though costly, is a worthwhile investment. For this also you may write to the Business Manager, whose address you will find on the inside of the front page. 

Young People’s Convention Although perhaps the joys of the convention were at least temporarily forgotten within a couple hours after the last strains of “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” faded away, due to the violent storm which struck the Chicago area that night, and although Beacon Lights will undoubtedly carry a complete report of convention activities, I nevertheless wish to take note in the Standard Bearerof this activity of our Protestant Reformed Young People and to congratulate them on what I certainly consider a successful and worthwhile convention. I personally,—and I think the other ministers who were present will agree with me,—was encouraged by what I witnessed. That our young people can have a convention centering on the theme “Preserving Our Heritage” is a heartening sign. 

If I may offer a well-meant word of criticism to our young people, I would strongly recommend that the young people themselves take a larger and more active part in the program. If I remember correctly there were two scheduled items on the program, a round-table discussion and a debate, which were cancelled. This is a step in the wrong direction; and the various societies would do well to carry out conscientiously the resolution which was adopted, to suggest ways and means of improving the convention and bringing it up to its “full social and spiritual potential.”