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Although Covenant Christian High opened its doors September 4, the milestone of dedication took place Thursday, September 9, 1968. Tours of the grounds and building started at 7 P.M. and resumed after theprogram to continue until 9:30 P.M. Neighbors and friends were invited as well as all our supporters from this area. Crowd estimates ranged from 600 to 750 people who had braved the rain to make this occasion a heart-warming experience for all of us.

Covenant’s Choir, directed by Mr. Roland Petersen, opened the program with “Oh Come, Let Us Sing Onto The Lord.” Their outstanding singing quickly quieted the crowds in the halls and drew visitors from classrooms so that all could witness the dedication. This occasion had been a dream of our leaders as long as thirty-five years ago, but the development of our grade schools took precedence and a high school was all but forgotten. But in 1959 this dream of our own High School began to grow into reality. Progress was slow at first because most of our people expressed a “wait and see” attitude. After land was purchased and the first major Financial drive was successful our base of support doubled and redoubled until this year we could erect this building, hire a staff and enroll students. 

Rev. M. Schipper opened the meeting with prayer after board president, Dr. Dwight Monsma had read Proverbs 6:1-13. Voices of song rang through the halls and classrooms as Mr. Petersen led us through Psalter No. 53 and 276 accompanied by Mrs. C. Lubbers. What a thrill to hear such enthusiastic singing! The board had planned that this program be held in the parking lots, but rain made this impossible. You can imagine the congestion of this large crowd in the halls of our eight-room high school. 

Rev. H. Veldman, the speaker of the evening, addressed all of us on the need to dedicate ourselves as parents, teachers and students to the task of sound Christian Instruction at our Covenant Christian High School. The importance of our new facility, then, is that it be used for this purpose. Therefore we do not dedicate a building but rather ourselves to its proper use. 

After our choir thrilled us by singing “Be Joyful In The Lord” and No. 114 from the Psalter Rev G. Lubbers gave thanks to our Covenant God for his unspeakable blessings as evidenced by this occasion. 

Visitors continued their inspection of the classrooms, each containing many special features and displays, until after 10 P.M. The Ladies Circle served coffee and rolls all evening to make this occasion a social success.