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The above picture (courtesy of Mr. Charles Westra) features the climactic moment at the datestone-laying ceremony of Covenant Christian High School, our projected new Protestant Reformed high school in the Grand Rapids area. Featured in the picture are Mr. Harry Zwak, member of our Hudsonville Church and chairman of the Building Committee, and Dr. Dwight Monsma, member of First Church and president of the Board. If you look carefully, perhaps you can make out the date, 1968, on the stone. The school is fast going up on a large piece of property situated on Wilson Avenue, just north of our Hope Church and Hope Protestant Reformed Christian School, in the city of Walker. Plans are to open the school with grades 10 and 11 in the fall of this year, D.V.; and, judging from the progress being made, the builders, Newhof Associates, should have the building ready in time. 

The brief ceremony of this datestone-laying was held on Saturday, April 20, on a wind-whipped afternoon with the threat of showers in the air; but the threatening weather did not prevent a goodly audience from turning out’ for the occasion. The program featured a very pertinent address by the Rev. John A. Heys, which I will not attempt to summarize here because the text of his address appears in full in the department IN HIS FEAR, plus some lusty a capella singing by the audience. 

This is indeed a milestone in our efforts toward Protestant Reformed education in the Grand Rapids area. For in a way the formative years of adolescence are even more critical in the process of educating covenant youth than the years of their childhood in grades one to nine. It was undoubtedly for this reason, too, that our school movement in the Grand Rapids area began some thirty years ago with a society which originally purposed to establish a high school. And now the Lord has given us to realize this purpose, and has made it possible to furnish our children with the so sorely needed distinctive, covenant education throughout their first twelve years of schooling. This is indeed reason for thanksgiving and rejoicing, and renewed dedication. May this thanksgiving and renewed dedication be concretely manifested in the support of this vital project by our people! 

I had hoped to include with this news report a report of the recent drive for capitalization and operational funds, but this was not available as yet. Preliminary reports, however, indicate that the goal of some $38,000 will very nearly be reached. This is heartening news.