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The events of the past two months have once more reminded the child of God of his utter dependence upon God. The world rushes madly on and says, “There is no God.” But call it fate or nature or providence or whatever you will, even the world must admit that it is helpless and is coping with a power against which it cannot succeed. Call it what you will, the ungodly cannot plant their seed or till their ground any sooner than the child of God. The storms and floods of the past two months have very seriously endangered this nation’s program for a huge crop wherewith it expects to feed the nations of the world. The child of God, however, sees the hand of God in this. The world madly rushes on, frets and fumes about the weather and says, by its actions as well as word, “There is no God.”

The child of God not only knows that there is a God who controls all things, but he also knows that God cannot be mocked, and wonders if God is not now coming with punishment. He wonders if the events as he sees them transpire about him are not preliminaries to a stinging display of God’s wrath upon the workers of iniquity. Not so many years ago God gave us an abundance of wheat and meat, we plowed our wheat under and burned our little pigs while thousands in our own country were poorly fed and many more thousands in Europe were starving. A few of God’s children dared to condemn this sinful practice at that time. But the world laughed. How self-centered sin really is! It cares not for God nor man. And apparently God did wink at this sin. Nothing happened. Still one cannot help wondering if God is not waiting to come in His wrath at a time when the punishment will be felt the more keenly. Today the attitude of the world hasn’t changed one whit (at least not for the better). There was no acknowledgment of sin, no confession of penitence, no humbling of themselves before God. Instead with even more pride man lifts his head, looks away from God and claims to be the master of his own fate. He is sure of victory in his own power. He sits down and plans a huge harvest for this coming autumn without one thought of God. But God, whom the world ignores, suddenly and unexpectedly appears on the scene in His wrath. The rain descends, floods come and now, the middle of June, many fields must still be plowed. Many crops which should have been in the ground by the first of June at the latest, cannot be sown until after the waters recede and the soil is worked. In other instances crops planted before and during this rainy spell have rotted in the ground, and this condition prevails over quite an extensive section of our country. Is this perhaps the beginning of the fulfillment of Matthew 28? “Nation shall rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places.” in the past our country saw no need for providing food for the hungry in Europe. Now, all of a sudden, we must raise crops for practically the whole world, and man has set out to do so, not because he delights in good works, for then he would not forget God and behave as though he does not need Him, but because he sees the possibility of profit in it for the future of our country. Our country and its principles. Still God may have other plans, and His plan will be carried out.

We must not be hasty to read the signs of the times’ and predict a famine for this year or the next, but surely we must not close our eyes to the fact that God has declared that in the last days these things shall come, and that they can happen also to our country. Surely it cannot be truthfully denied that we, as a nation, deserve a famine.

The strikes of the coal miners and workers in defense plants, which have taken place in the last two months, remind one of the scriptural expression, “Peace, peace when there is no peace/’ While our men are dying and suffering on the battlefield that we may have peace, a bitter war is being fought at home. Labor and Capital are again, or rather still at grips. One cannot help but wonder how furious the battle will be after peace has been achieved on the battlefield. If these strikes occur, as they have occurred, at the expense of our war effort, what will transpire when the war is over and it no longer becomes an excuse for desisting from striking? We may very well have peace in the military sense of the word and yet have a labor war which puts the lie to any claim that peace again reigns upon the earth. Regardless of who is’ unfair—labor or capital, or both—we must first clean our own house before there really will be peace. We may subdue the hostile nations about us, but what does that avail us if, as citizens of one nation, we live in open hostility with one another? Peace? As long as these conditions exist, there can be no peace. And the vicious nature of the union is also revealed in its readiness to defy even the Government. Even after the Government has taken over the mines so that to strike is to strike against the Government, a second walkout is ordered and executed. Can there be peace, at home, when an element defies the Government?

Meanwhile the post-war world and the possibility of a permanent peace is still much talked about. The other day I read an article written by Erich Brandeis for the King Features Syndicate, entitled, “I have the answer.” The author is not in a serious vein at all, but I pass it on to you for what, it is worth. He surely does have the answer except that he does not realize that the regeneration power of God’s Spirit is necessary to bring about this permanent peace according to the way he suggests, and that it will never be accomplished in this world. But, read it for yourself. He writes:

“Columns are being written about it.

The wisest men in the allied countries are thinking about it, talking about it, holding meetings, debating, planning, envisioning.

How to have a permanent peace. How to put an end to wars. That is the great problem and it seems to be extremely difficult to find the answer. Well, gentlemen, I’ll save you time and money. I’ll save you traveling expenses, reams of paper, gallons of ink.

For I, no expert in economics, politics, statesmanship, psychology or black magic—I, a simple-minded newspaperman—I have the answer.

And that answer has been there ever since the twentieth chapter of the book of Exodus in the Old Testament was written.

For in that chapter are contained the Ten Commandments. If we will but live up to them there can never be another war.

Each war, so far conducted, has been caused by the breach of one or more of the ten commandments.

Hitler created strange gods and took the name of the Lord in vain.

He killed. He bore false witness against his neighbor.

He coveted his neighbor’s house, his servant, his ox, his ass and everything that was his.

He showed no mercy, he stole, he honored neither father nor mother.

And now that he and his accomplices have violated the commandments, there will be eye for eye, tooth for tooth, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

Don’t you see how easy it is?

Why go to all the trouble of finding a way, when the way is so clear, the road so well marked, the whole thing written out—for centuries, ready for use?

This is my plan, a plan I learned from my father and mother who had it handed down to them generation by generation.

That’s all you need to do, you learned statesmen and scientists.

Utopia is here—Exodus, Chapter 20.”

It is safe to say that the learned statesmen and scientists will not heed this’ advice. This answer they do not want. They are not able to desire the keeping of God’s commandments. Utopia is not here. It will be in the New Jerusalem where all shall do God’s will perfectly.