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My sincere apology to the Rev. H. De Wolf for my failure to assign to him a share of the work in the proposed outlines for the Standard Bearer of 1941-1942.

I do not know how to explain the omission, except that, as I always emphasized in school: “nihil humanum alienum est mihil” and “errare est humanum.”

Rev. De Wolf will, of course, gladly believe of me that the omission was not intentional. It was just a bad blunder on my part.

But it can easily be corrected.

Looking over the outlines, I noticed that the Rev. L. Doezema was assigned the task of writing “Current Events” six times. Suppose that Rev. De Wolf takes his place in the July 1 and September 1 issues, and, besides, takes the place of Rev. R. Veldman in the issue of May 15 on the subject “Erasmus and the Reformation.”

I hope that this may be satisfactory.