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Rev. H. Hoeksema:

I cannot help thinking that you agree with the following. If so, could you find space in your Standard Bearer to reproduce it for the good of everybody?

The Five Points of Calvinism, and the 3 Points of Synod of 1924.

No doubt, but your readers are acquainted with the famous five points of Calvinism. They are:

  1. Total inability.
  2. Unconditional election.
  3. Limited atonement.
  4. Irresistible grace.
  5. Perseverance of the saints.

The first letters of these points, T.U.L.I.P. form the word,—tulip.

The tulip is a beautiful flower expressive of grace and life in the realm of earthly glory. Reading carefully these words headed by the five letters, we notice that we are moving in the spiritual, its bloom, glory, and life exhibited in the first letters T.U.L.I.P.

This T.U.L.I.P. token of life and glory was the symbol of the Chr. Ref. Church in the United States up to the year 1924. In that year its Synod detected that yet two of its many pastors cared to unfold this symbol, carrying the sweet T.U.L.I.P.

This seemed to be evil in its sight and it destroyed the two pastors by forming a NEW DOGMA consisting of 3 points. These points read:

  1. God is graciously inclined toward all men, and not alone toward the elect.
  2. God restrained sin.
  3. The unregenerated are able to perform civic good in the eyes of God.

He who fearlessly cares to study these 3 points by the words of Scripture cannot fail to notice that they contradict the five points of Calvinism or the T.U.L.I.P.

The contradiction of the five points are expressed in the following consequent words to wit:

  1. Ability
  2. No election.
  3. Unlimited atonement.
  4. Resistibility of grace.
  5. No perseverance of elected saints.

Arranging the first letters of these five words, we find that we have the letters: A.N.U.R.N. forming the words, An Urn. An Urn is a vessel containing the ashes of the dead.

As for me, the undersigned, I am positively convinced that the Chr. Ref. Church in America digged its own grave by the adoption of the THREE UNBIBLICAL and UNCALVINISTICAL POINTS. The hatred, malice, and unbrotherly carriage of its leading clergy attesting to this indisputable fact.