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Esteemed Editor:

Once again from the prolific pen of Mr. Gritter we note a contribution which purposes to enervate certain propositions as set forth by a Mr. Van Putten of Holland, Michigan. This contribution is marked by its customary clarity and courteous presentation which, no doubt, have served to always make his contributions acceptable to your venerable publication.

It was to be expected that Mr. Gritter would attempt a refutation of the thoughts presented by Mr. Van Putten. We have seen him rise on many occasions to the defense of that organization which is apparently so dear to his heart. But sometimes that is regretable as, for example, when he took offense at the constructive criticism of his organization as it was presented by the editor of a certain young people’s paper of his own denomination! But, be that as it may, it is not my purpose to speak in behalf of either party at this time. My reason for writing is simply to acquaint Mr. Gritter with his, shall we say, opponent? For, judged by the standards of some, Mr. Van Putten is a peculiar fellow!

Mr. Gritters, if you have met a man whose God comes before all things; whose meat and drink it is to do the will of his Heavenly Father; who will count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ; who will suffer the loss of all things and count them but dung that he may win Christ—you have met your adversary!

Mr. Gritter, if you have met a man who when he prays “give us our daily bread,” truly in childlike faith expects it alone from Father and returns his thanks to the Throne of Grace and refuses to thank his own cunning or ingenuity for he knows that in himself he is but a sinful creature of the dust whose breath is in his nostrils; who does not look to man or the combined efforts of men and organizations for his material sustenance; who is willing to walk the way His God has ordained for him and patiently awaits the justice of God which shall be revealed in due time and does not strive to thwart, hinder or alter even the ways which he does not understand—you have met your opponent!

Mr. Gritter, if you have met a man who has borne loved ones to the grave; who has passed through poverty ; who has suffered abuse for the sake of his convictions and who still through it all can say: “Thy will be done,” you have met the man against whom you venture to raise your pen!

Truly, he is a peculiar fellow who would share his last morsel of bread with his enemy; who will deprive himself in order that you may not want; who will rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep; a father to the orphaned and a helper of those who are distressed; who, at the expense and ridicule of his own good name, will stand by and protect those who have fallen in sin; who will come whenever and wherever called, be it to pray over your sick children or to perform or assist in some menial task which you are not capable of performing alone—such as one is he!

You will also find that at his hands you will be treated with Christian courtesy. He will strive to instruct with meekness those who oppose themselves but—his weapons are terrible! They are sharper than any two-edged sword. His logic will not be such as will be understood by the natural man whose God is his belly and who minds earthly things. He will not rail or heap vile imprecations on those who oppose him. His heart will be filled with tender pity and sympathy for those whom he seeks to convert from the error of their ways, but his determination to maintain the truth is unshakable!

There he is, Mr. Gritter, and may your contact with such an one be profitable for your own instruction.


G. T. E.