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Esteemed Editor:

May I have just a little space in the Standard Bearer also, to ask a few questions with regard to the article of Rev. Blankespoor in re: the “Declaration of Principles” proposed by our last synod? I am confident that the editor can certainly give Rev. Blankespoor the light he seeks. However, since Rev. Blankespoor is the first to publicly refer to this “declaration”

I am interested to know what his difficulties are in this matter. He speaks about origin, intentions, etc., but not one word about contents. I assume that he surely subscribes to the contents of this “declaration” and I cannot understand why he should be so concerned about who formulated it, or who it is pointed at. He surely knows that it was adopted by our synod, and that it was formulated by the Committee of pre-advice with the advice of the two seminary professors. Also, that it was requested by our Mission Committee, which also represents our denomination in the Mission field.

As to his question no. 4, do not the Christian Reformed and Liberated Churches also claim to adhere to the Confessions? And do they not misinterpret the same? The Christian Reformed Churches teach common grace, but they never changed their Confessions. And they maintain that they hold to the Confessions.

Also, Rev. Blankespoor states that the “declaration” speaks more on the subject of the covenant than the subject of common grace. But, the error of the Liberated Churches with regards to the covenant and the error of common grace in the Christian Reformed Churches are simply one and the same error. I feel that in the past 25 years the stand of our Churches on the subject of common grace has been made perfectly clear. And finally, why should any of our ministers, missionaries, or lay-men object to having this “declaration” at this time? It’s the truth, isn’t it? We confess this truth, do we not? Now please tell us why we should not boldly proclaim this truth, and instead of talking about origin and all other objections, thank God that we have leaders who can and will give us these “declarations” which we so sorely need. If there is any error in this “declaration” or any danger of proclaiming its contents, let someone tell us. And if it is the truth, let us adopt it.