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In Concordia of Jan. 17, 1952, the Rev. B. Kok be­gins to launch an attack upon the Declaration of Principles adopted by our last synod, defends the proposition that the promise is conditional, and makes an attempt to introduce into our churches, principal­ly, the whole liberated theology.

All this I hope to prove in future articles.

The Rev. Kok does not do all this personally, but hides behind the name of Dr. K. Schilder.

But this cannot make principal difference.

He translates with full approval, with strong re­commendation, without one word of criticism, what Dr. Schilder writes. He even states that one who would translate all the articles of Dr. Schilder in which he attacks the Declaration of Principles would do our churches a great service.

He is, therefore, fully responsible.

When, therefore, in future articles, I attack Dr. Schilder, the reader must understand that the Rev. Kok compels me to hide behind the name of that liberated theologian to attack the theologian of Holland, Mich.

H. H.