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2nd of GRAND RAPIDS—Reverend M. Schipper has accepted the call extended to him. He will be installed on the 2nd and will preach his inaugural sermon Sunday morning, September 5. 

HOLLAND—Reverend J. McCollum has begun his labors with us following acceptance of our call. His examination will be held in the October session of Classis.

SOUTH HOLLAND—The Consistory selected the following trio: Reverends G. Vos, C. Hanko and G. VandenBerg. 

HULL—The following Trio was selected by the Consistory: Reverends G. Vos, C. Hanko and G. Lubbers. 

RANDOLPH—The Consistory, in behalf of the Protestant Reformed Church of Randolph, Wisconsin, wants to take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped her during the period when she was without a minister and under shepherd. For almost six months, Randolph was dependent upon ministers who faithfully fulfilled their Classical appointments, students, and candidates, who supplied her pulpit. In all this time—especially during the trying period of the controversy and the preparation for scheduled court hearings, Randolph, with only one or two interruptions, was supplied by those who came and ministered the word and the sacraments. For this, we are most grateful—that our need was supplied in spite of distance, inconvenience, and inclement. weather, at times. 

We also wish to thank our moderator, the Rev. G. VandenBerg and the Consistory of Oak Lawn Church; the Rev. VandenBerg for his untiring labors among us and the Consistory of Oak Lawn which graciously made him available to us in our need. 

Once again, as the Lord has been pleased to send us a pastor, it is our prayer that we may experience the faithful and fruitful ministry of the word—even as in the days of our former pastors, and that the Lord be pleased to keep us—Pastor, Consistory, and Congregation, faithful to the high and holy calling whereunto He has called us. 

The Consistory of the Protestant Reformed Church in Randolph, Wisconsin