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I praise God for your article [October 1, 2010, p. 4] on the dangers which abound in Christian colleges! Thank you, brother, for your clear, insightful article.

Your article is “dead on” in its assessment of the minefield which exists in Christian colleges today. One rightly expects a hostile environment in a public college/university. The danger today, like hidden reefs below otherwise placid waters, is the rapid erosion of adherence to the sufficiency, perspicuity, and authority of Scripture. The plethora of non-24-hour views on the days of Creation is an example of enormous compromise, which portends of even further and inevitable erosion in doctrinal integrity. The issue is that parents ‘think’ they are sending their precious children to a ‘safe’ place spiritually, when such is not the case.

After reading your article, I immediately (1) asked my wife to read this article, wholeheartedly agreeing with what you have said, and (2) e-mailed my comments to the heads of The Master’s College and Seminary, where our son attended college and seminary. He got his solid grounding at wonderful schools.

You and I will likely have some differences theologically, inasmuch as I am essentially a Reformed Baptist. But I can assure you we stand together on the issues you identified in your superb article.

I recently visited both Greenville Seminary and Puritan Reformed Seminary and had great conversations with faculty and students at each school. These schools, like Master’s, are just a few of the remaining adherents to 24-hour days. I am sorely disappointed that my own denomination, the PCA, has in my view seriously compromised on the issue by taking a multiple-choice approach to the days of Creation.

Brother, you have hit the nail on the head. Thank you for this much needed article!

Randy Kirkland

Manchester, MO