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The October 1 issue of the Standard Bearer begins a new volume of the magazine.

Much will be the same as the last volume.

At its annual meeting in June, the staff approved the following changes.

Some of the meditations will be sermons on Romans preached by Herman Hoeksema in First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, as taken down in shorthand notes and then transcribed by Martin Swart, longtime member of First Church. There is strong internal evidence that Hoeksema preached these sermons in the late 1930s. The longhand transcription will be edited for publication by the editor of the SB. There are plans that these rich, powerful, and very valuable sermons, most of which have never before been published, will eventually be published by the Reformed Free Publishing Association as a sermonic commentary on Romans.

We open up the series in this issue with Hoeksema’s sermon on Romans 1:1-4, “Separated unto the Gospel.”

Interspersed among these sermons will be meditations by others.

We welcome Rev. Mitchell Dick to the staff of regular contributors. He will replace Rev. Carl Haak in preparing explanations and outlines of select passages of Scripture, especially for the benefit of the classes of Bible study among our readers. He will take up where Rev. Haak left off in the gospel of John.

We encourage the various societies and classes to study the gospel of John at this time, using the introductions provided in the SB.

Our thanks to Rev. Haak for his work.

Rev. Kenneth Koole will cooperate with Rev. Arie denHartog in the column, “In His Fear.” We have asked Rev. Koole to concentrate on the subject of Christian education.

Rev. Steven Key will continue to teach Reformed doctrine, following the order of the traditional six loci (topics) of Reformed dogmatics: the doctrines of God; man; Christ; salvation; church; and last things. He had willingly stepped in already last year at our request to help out in the department of “Taking Heed to the Doctrine.”

The rubric, “Strength of Youth,” is dropped, at least temporarily. Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma moves over to the rubric, “When Thou Sittest in Thine House,” to take on, with Mrs. MaryBeth Lubbers and Rev. Ron VanOverloop, the responsibility for articles on Reformed family life.

Assisting Rev. Ronald Hanko, Rev. Jason Kortering, and Rev. Thomas Miersma in producing articles on missions will be Rev. Allen Brummel, member of the Foreign Mission Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches. We welcome Rev. Brummel to the staff and look forward to his contribution.

The other rubrics and writers remain as before.

A number of ministers have agreed to write a few articles on various topics of their own choosing. Time must show who they are and what, their subjects.

Contributions from our readers are welcome, according to the policy that is stated on the masthead.

One name no longer appears on the masthead. Because of age with its infirmities, Rev. John A. Heys is no longer able to write for the magazine. He has graced the pages of the SB for more than 50 years. He has written regularly. He has written much. He has written well. Nor, in my experience, did he ever miss an annual staff meeting. The SB has been vitally important to him.

To the Rev. John A. Heys, on behalf of the staff and the readers of the SB all these years, thank you.

As for us to whom the duty now falls to carry on, may we be faithful.

The next issue of this magazine — October 15 — will be a special, Reformation issue devoted to the doctrinal and ecclesiastical struggle in the Protestant Reformed Churches in 1953. Our readers will recall that the special issue last year was “The Reformation of 1924.” Copies of that special issue concerning the history and issues of the origin of the Protestant Reformed Churches out of the Christian Reformed Church are still available.