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Letters to a Young Pastor: Letters to Rev. R Harbach by A. W. Pink. Grandville, MI: The Evangelism Committee of Grandville Protestant Reformed Church, 1993. 40 pages (paper). N. p. [Reviewed by the Editor.]

The Evangelism Committee of the Grandville, MI PRC has published a 40-page booklet containing letters written by well known Bible expositor A. W. Pink to Rev. Robert C. Harbach. Pink wrote the letters during the years 1943-1949.

The letters contain little explanation of Scripture; some advice to a young pastor concerning the ministry; and repeated expressions of concern that Pink’s magazine had relatively few subscribers.

One piece of advice was that Harbach not “waste time listening to the Wireless or secular reading” (p. 23).

The Bible teacher made the intriguing assertion that a few servants of God are specially gifted to be teachers of the Bible in distinction from the rest of us who are “merely ‘preachers”‘:

It is God’s method to use human instrumentality, and He has called and equipped a few of His servants to be teachers (not merely “preachers”) – specially gifted by Him to “open” His Word, and they are “to be highly esteemed for their work’s sake” (

I Thess. 5:12, 13


Grandville’s Evangelism Committee can do a better job of editing its publications. The preface has many grammatical errors. The body of the booklet suffers confusion at several places where, apparently, editorial comment is attempted to be inserted into Pinks letters (see pp. 9, 27).