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THREE LETTERS FROM PRISON, by John H. Schaal; Baker Book House, 1970; 151 pp., $2.95 (paper).

Baker Book House is preparing a set of books called “Layman’s Bible Study Series.” This volume, treating the Epistles of Ephesians, Philippians and Philemon, is the first of the series. According to the back cover, the series is to be used in the college and Bible school classroom, in the church Bible study group, in correspondence courses, and for individual study of the Bible. The chapters give a brief outline of the book and are followed by series of questions to be discussed and answered.

The format of the book and the general purpose of preparing a series of this nature is admirable. It could be a very beneficial series of books and be a great aid to Bible study. But the present volume is somewhat disappointing. We suggest that these books be written so that the epistles treated are not forced into rigid and artificial outlines; that they be somewhat more detailed—especially at key doctrinal points in the epistles; and that they be made more doctrinally sound than the present book.