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“De Verborgenheid der Godzaligheid,” by Ds. E. Th. van den. Born e.a.; J.H. Kok N.V.; Netherlands. 

This book contains 5 Pentecost “sermons” by four different writers, including Prof. B. Holwerda and Prof. C. Veenhof. Four of these sermons are based on Acts 2and one on II Tim. 4:10, 11. The title of the book, translated into English, would read: “The Mystery of Godliness.” This little booklet is a Pentecost booklet. It reads easily. The style is clear and easy to read, provided that one can read Holland. The material appears to view the heart of Pentecost in the universality of salvation, as embracing all peoples. To this meaning of Pentecost we, of course, have no objection. But we would rather emphasize the heart of Pentecost as being the feast of the fulfillment of the promise of salvation in Christ Jesus, in distinction from the Old Testament when the same salvation was possessed by the Church of God in connection with symbols and shadows. I recommend this booklet to our readers. The price is $3.95 in Holland money. 

“Rondom Israel,” by Dr. H. Bergema; J.H. Kok N.V., Netherlands; price: f1. 95. 

This is a mission booklet of 53 pages, and the title, translated in English, would read: “Round About Israel.” 

This is an interesting brochure. The author attempts to penetrate behind the political and economical contrasts to the psychological and religious background, which fundamentally governs the entire struggle in the Middle East between Israel and its surrounding countries. The occasion for this booklet was a visit by him to Israel and Jordan when he was returning from Indonesia to the Netherlands in 1956. We repeat: it is a mission booklet, written to stimulate interest for mission work among the Jews. One wonders whether he is of the opinion that God has reserved a special place for Jews as Jews, as held by the premillenarians. The book is well written. We recommend also this booklet to our readers who are able to read Holland. The price is $1.95 in Holland money.