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CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH GOVERNMENT, by Howard B. Spaan; Kregel Publications, 1968; 237 pp

The successor to Schaver’s Church Polity, this book brings the many Synodical decisions of the Christian Reformed Church which bear on the newly adopted Church Order up to date. It contains a brief explanation of each article of the new Church Order, all pertinent Synodical decisions, a list of memorable dates in Christian Reformed history, a roll of the Classes, a roll of the states provinces and information concerning the churches. 

THE TENT OF GOD (A Journey Through The Old Testament), by Marianne Radius; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1968; 368 pp., $5.95. This Bible story book is the companion volume of the author’s “God’s With Us”—her New Testament work. It is written for small children, but contains all the weaknesses of the first work: not always faithful to the text; sentimental application to practical life; filled with Arminian theology. Not recommended. 

ALL LOVES EXCELLING, by R. Pierce Beaver; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company; 1968; 22 7 pp., $2.9.5 (paper)

In this story of American Protestant women in world mission work the author traces the development of the increasingly large role which women have played in missionary labors from the time the first mission societies were organized in 1800 to the time when women were actually sent into the mission field to labor among the heathen. An interesting addition to the library on the history of missions. 

THE INESCAPABLE CALLING, by R.K. Strachan; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1968; 127 pp., $1.65 (paper)

An evaluation of present missionary labors in the light of the work of the early Church made in the hope of improving present missionary methods and arousing people to the urgency of the task of missions. Some interesting and worthwhile observations, but far from the Reformed view of missions. 

QUESTIONS ON THE CHRISTIAN FAITH ANSWERED FROM THE BIBLE, by Derek Prime; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1968; 128 pp. $1.45

This book contains, in question and answer form, a discussion of the basic truths of the Christian faith. The book’s value lies in its handiness especially for young people to give them an easy-to-understand and readily available summary of the cardinal doctrines of Scripture. It contains an abundance of Biblical proof texts and a well-worked out “dictionary” of Biblical definitions. It is conservatively evangelical although must be used with discretion. At several key points it is not as soundly Reformed as one would like. Recommended as a valuable handbook, as a worthwhile book for study in societies if it is used with care. 

WHEN DEATH TAKES A FATHER, by Gladys Kooiman; Baker Book House, 1968; 171 pp., $3.95 

An interesting and sometimes helpful spiritual biography written by a woman whose husband died leaving her with the responsibility of a large family. It is an intimate story of the spiritual struggle brought on when God reached into the family to remove the head of the house. 

TINDER IN TABASCO, by Charles Bennett; Wm. B, Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1968; 213 pp., $2.95 (paper).

An honest and thorough study of Presbyterian mission work in a southern and very small province of Old Mexico. It is the kind of close and careful study of a small section of the mission field which has value for mission work the world over. While the theory of missions outlined in the book is not above criticism, the book deals honestly and forthrightly with many problems which have to be faced in mission labors.

Books for the Lenten Season

REJECTED BY MEN—by the Rev. Herman Hoeksema 

In thinking on the meaning of the Crucifixion and our glorious salvation, we do well to ponder the supreme cost. In this meditation is given some timely help in understanding certain deeper aspects of that suffering.

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What Others Think 

The “Book Feature” section of the August, 1968 issue of The King’s Business carried an article entitled “Systematic Theology” by Dr. R.L. Saucy. In this article, which features several pertinent remarks about the nature and purpose of systematic theology and which laments the fact that “In many places today, the study of theology in a systematic way has fallen on dark days,” there appears the following paragraph in review of “Reformed Dogmatics.” 

“Recent offerings in the field of theology have been vast and varied, all the way from good biblical studies to the so-called Christian atheism. Of particular interest to evangelicals interested in serious doctrinal study is the posthumous work of Herman Hoeksema,Reformed Dogmatics (Reformed Free Publishing Association, $14.95). This is a solid work representing the mature thought of a thorough-going Reformed theologian. Replete with Scriptural documentation, Hoeksema’s work goes beyond simply proof-texting in many cases to enhance its value with exegetical discussion of key doctrinal passages.” 

This brief, but favorable review is submitted for our readers who are interested in knowing “what others think.”