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THE GREAT LIGHT, Luther and Reformation; by James Atkinson; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1968; 287 pp., $4.00

This is Volume IV in the series on Church History entitled “The Advance of Christianity Through The Centuries.” The series is edited by Prof. F.F. Bruce. This volume, as its title indicates, deals with the Reformation, including the reformation in Germany, Switzerland, England and Scotland. 

We have reviewed other volumes of this series in The Standard Bearer and need not enter into a detailed review of the present work. We have found the entire series to be an excellent work of considerable scholarship. It is easy to read and makes the work valuable to those without theological training and without extensive study in the field of Church History. 

The book deals extensively with Luther’s spiritual and doctrinal development although it gives too important a role to Luther in the Reformation. Consequently the Calvinistic aspect of the Reformation is treated too sketchily. But for interesting and informative reading the book is hard to beat. 

One serious typographical error is an error on the cover which reads: “Volume I: A.D. 1 to 800.” This is the second time the printers have made this error in this series. It is really inexcusable. 

The book is highly recommended and our readers are urged to purchase it.