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SCRIPTURE UNION BIBLE STUDY BOOKS, by various authors (Eerdmans, 1968, each paperback volume approximately 100 pages, $1.25). Included in this review are volumes on: Proverbs to Isaiah 39, I Kings to II Chronicles, Ezra to Job, The Psalms, Joshua to II Samuel

The claim of this series, as stated in the Introduction found in each volume, is a large one: “This series of books forms the intensive study level of the graded, daily. Bible reading plan of Scripture Union, the wellknown and long established organization for the encouragement of Bible reading and study. Bible Study Books are designed to provide basic study material for the Christian who wishes to have a mature and organized guide for the whole of the Bible. The series is written by a team of evangelical scholars each of whom has earned a reputation for sound and competent biblical scholarship. . . . Taken together the books provide a simple and complete commentary on the whole Bible.”

Frankly, these books are of little value. As commentaries, they are a complete failure, if for no other reason that they are so scanty as hardly to qualify as commentaries at all. Certainly, material of this kind can only with a great deal of imagination be called “basic study material” and a “mature and organized guide.” Nor, mainly because of the scantiness, is there much evidence of “sound and competent biblical scholarship.” Not recommended.