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COMMENTARY ON MARK, by Henry Barclay Swete; Kregel Publications, 1977; 434 pp., $12.95. (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 

This commentary, which is a part of Kregel Reprint Library, is not a book intended for laymen. It makes use of the Greek text which is reprinted in the commentary and contains a fairly lengthy critical apparatus along with the text. Its value is for ministers primarily.

The author, who lived from 1835 to 1917, was an Englishman and served as pastor and professor in some of the Anglican Churches and colleges in that country. He was an outstanding scholar and his work is of considerable value. 

His commentary is not characterized by lengthy exposition of the text, but concentrates upon textual notes, work studies, summaries of many other writers, and brief explanations of the thought. It includes a valuable introduction. The commentary is recommended to our ministers and professors as excellent background material for a study of Mark.