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CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH IN THE BOOK OF PSALMS, by Andrew A. Bonar; Kregel Publications, 1978; 457 pp., $12.95. (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 

This book is one of Kregel’s classic reprints and a part of the Kregel Limited Edition Library. The author was an Eighteenth Century minister in the Free Church of Scotland. He has prepared this short explanation of the 150 Psalms. 

In some respects this is an interesting and valuable book. Its value lies in the fact that it gives short summaries of the Psalms so that one is able to gain a concise idea of the main thought of each Psalm. Each section in fact ends with a one statement summary of the Psalm being treated. In these short summaries the author shows that he, generally speaking, has a good grasp of the Psalms and appreciates the Messianic character of many of them. 

But the summaries are very short—almost too short. If you consider the fact that each Psalm is quoted in its entirety and that the print is large, then some 450 pages seem hardly adequate to deal with the rich truths of the Psalms in any definitive way. 

There is considerable Hebrew in the text, but this is usually confined to parentheses and footnotes, so that the general reader need not lose the train of thought because of it. 

It seems to me that the chief value of the book is to be found in gaining some idea of the main thought (although one need not necessarily agree with the author in every case) of each Psalm and in aiding one when he makes the Psalms a part of his devotional reading.

The book reminded me of the tine treatment of the Psalms which the late Rev. Vos prepared in the Dutch for earlier Standard Bearers. It made me wish that this material could be translated and made available to the reading public.